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The first one of our Zodiac Witches is here!

The ones born between the 20 of January and the 18 of February are under the sign of Aquarius. Regardless of its name, Aquarius is  an air sign full of originality and independence. Their many interests makes for a lot of things to pay attention to, so they have this kind of orderly disorder around them at all times. Considered a healer of the world and a bringer & seeker of change, this smart sign is sure to find its own way through this universe. ◞*✰

Is there any Aquarius witch around here?




how do you find love?


It also looks pretty cool as a necklace; I hope you can find love *。⋆♡


But never give up on your journey! *:・゚✧




    *:・゚✧ ANXIETY FREE ✧・゚*:

This potion is for when you feel anxious, to dispel the bad energy around you, to make you focus on the present, to calm you down, to break the habit, to clear your mind and let you go forward ✧

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*This is a special zodiac potion for gemini but anyone can use it.


 *:・゚✧ MAKE AMENDS ✧・゚*:

For a fight between friends, lovers or family, to fix a screw up, to think clearly about a situation, to ask for forgiveness and to bring it to you.

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Grimoire for our Patreon Bea! *:・゚✧

Her grimoire is super neat with diagrams and drawings illustrating the pages. She has a running index in the front with the topics to keep track of her ever growing knowledge and tips. She works with what she has at hand and focuses on shadow work, crystals & self-care.

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