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Happy Valentine’s for all the witches out here! *★*·.。

I send you my love today and hope that it is abundant in your life <3

This was a little postcard exclusive for Patreon, for valentine’s 2018, this year our patreons get to see the Lupercalia postcard plus more rewards ♡ ✧*。


I made this witch for the witchsona week, then my cellphone died, never finished it, didn’t like the face, but I like it now, so there you go!

It is also kind of a redraw of my old Halloween Witchsona <3

Snow Moon Chart ◞*✰

If you poke outside you might still see her!

Do you like this kind of info about the moon ?? .+゚*。:゚+

Forgot to upload this here, a full moon calendar for 2020 for the northern hemisphere, I’m making the one for the southern hemisphere too <3

Full moons are perfect for charging your crystals or utensyls, to make moon water and to focus on your special intentions.

The Wolf Moon already lurks in the sky, do you have anything planned for it?

☽ Summary of Art 2019 ☾ 

Hi everyone! 

This year has been really life changing for me, it is partly why I haven’t been here much…
I started working on the cinema industry, I started to draw my elves again, I went through a lot emotionally but all this made me stronger and happier and today I’m truly happy with the changes I have done! 
For the moment, I decided to focus on my Elf project for the year to come as I feel really inspired for it and it’s been 12 years now that this project is in my head so I have to get it out and share! 

It obviously means that I will not be posting a lot of witchy things around here for a while…You can still follow my art on Twitter or Instagram if you are interested! 

I’m sorry about this but I need to follow my inspiration! 

Lots of love and positivity to you all, thank you for always being here to support me ♥ You are the best ♥ 


You make the future but a little help is always appreciated ☆ Future Witch for the Future Year ~*

What is your main intention for this year?

Halloween weekend /|\( ;,;)/|\


Sleepy Hollow

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Autumn is my fave season. Witchy commission ♡