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Snow Moon Chart ◞*✰

If you poke outside you might still see her!

Do you like this kind of info about the moon ?? .+゚*。:゚+

The first one of our Zodiac Witches is here!

The ones born between the 20 of January and the 18 of February are under the sign of Aquarius. Regardless of its name, Aquarius is  an air sign full of originality and independence. Their many interests makes for a lot of things to pay attention to, so they have this kind of orderly disorder around them at all times. Considered a healer of the world and a bringer & seeker of change, this smart sign is sure to find its own way through this universe. ◞*✰

Is there any Aquarius witch around here?


Things to do. Take a day to clear your mind and energy. Spend time with yourself. 


Witch pros: Invoking ghosts to watch a movie with you.


Trying to finish homework and a magic spell at the same time isn’t easy. 

Part of the modern witch images:  x    x    x

Halloween weekend /|\( ;,;)/|\


Hello everyone! Thanks so much for all the support ♡ We want to keep spreading the good vibes and we decided to open Twitter and Instagram accounts!  Hope we can see you all there too, and check the special surprises for each social media soon ♡

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Our Q&A anniversary video is here! (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。Thanks so much to all of you!!!ヾ☆*


“Spell together, stay together!” 

We did this patreon exclusive gif a year ago about Robin and Luna’s friendship,  and we would like to share it with you guys! ♡ Thanks so much for all the support! If you wanna keep seeing more witchy art , tutorials and animation, please consider supporting us on our Patreon: The Witchy Stuff


Our “Musts” for a witchy home ヾ☆*。

We got asked on our Patreon, what was the “must” items a witch had to have in their house and although we believe everyone is different and it depends on their type of magic, this is some of the items we love to have!

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