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Snow Moon Chart ◞*✰

If you poke outside you might still see her!

Do you like this kind of info about the moon ?? .+゚*。:゚+

Southern Hemisphere Full Moon Calendar!!

Many southern witches have been asking for their own version so here it is!! ◞*✰

Tonight we have a beautiful red/worm moon outside depending on where you are <3 

How many southern witches do we have on witchblr tonight?

The first one of our Zodiac Witches is here!

The ones born between the 20 of January and the 18 of February are under the sign of Aquarius. Regardless of its name, Aquarius is  an air sign full of originality and independence. Their many interests makes for a lot of things to pay attention to, so they have this kind of orderly disorder around them at all times. Considered a healer of the world and a bringer & seeker of change, this smart sign is sure to find its own way through this universe. ◞*✰

Is there any Aquarius witch around here?

Forgot to upload this here, a full moon calendar for 2020 for the northern hemisphere, I’m making the one for the southern hemisphere too <3

Full moons are perfect for charging your crystals or utensyls, to make moon water and to focus on your special intentions.

The Wolf Moon already lurks in the sky, do you have anything planned for it?


Hello everyone! Thanks so much for all the support ♡ We want to keep spreading the good vibes and we decided to open Twitter and Instagram accounts!  Hope we can see you all there too, and check the special surprises for each social media soon ♡

Twitter: TheWitchyStuff

Instagram: thewitchystuff

A little tarot spread for when you have a string of bad things happening, we have a little magic ritual on patreon as well to go with this one.

Make a tarot spread in a clockwise circle, trying to attract light into your situation, which is the first step to get out of it.

1) You in the middle of this situation, a little about your feelings and position in the problems.

2) Your main support could be those around you or an enviroment or place you can still go to be safe.

3) The root problem could be something you need to learn or be aware of, such as your own feelings, your environment or someone else’s involvement

4) The near future could present itself with more bad news or with a light at the end, either way be prepared.

5) Your hope for the future starts to tell you about the lesson and final light of your ordeal.

6) Lastly this card should show you your power & focus to overcome your problems.

Hope you are well even if you’re in the middle of a situation like this.


Witchy Room commission ✧☆.* 

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Imbolc Spell

°˖✧ Welcome Spring and wake up from the Winter rest ✧˖°

Imbolc is a time for cleansing and planning, knowing that spring and more energy is on its way ❁*✲゚*

Go on a stroll in nature, it could be a park or some woods near your house and gather some small rocks or maybe some birch from there, think about the things that you want to accomplish in this year and know that they will come true if your intention is true <3

Focus on that and with it in mind go to make this little spell.

Put the rocks inside the jar which are the stepping stones for your goals, one for every big goal you have, then add 3 little seeds inside it, representing all the growth you are gonna make.

Then write in a piece of paper your intention, or maybe use a sygil to represent it or both.

Lit your candles (2 or more) around your jar and in this moment try to bring all your energy to the positive things that will come with spring.

Close the jar and put it in your altar as an intention for the upcoming months.

*In this imbolc time you can also clean your altar and set it for new intentions and take away what does not serve you anymore either by burning or proper discard.

**If you can, plant another 3 seeds outside or in pots, whichever is best for that particular plant

Above all enjoy this time, have a meal and relax, with your coven or solo❁*✲゚*


Yule Positive Spell

♡Happy Solstice!!! Hope you all have a merry Yule!!!♡ We want you to finish this year with the best of energy and positive vibes, so here below will be the steps to take in this longest night of the year.

Gather your items and light the candle. You don’t have to pronounce words but if it helps you visualize, you can do it. Think of how the fire of the candle will cleanse your loved ones and your soul.

Place the red ribbon in the bottle and thing of how this color is the color of love and how it connects you all.

Place the cinnamon with the chestnuts and imagine its all your loved ones together and yourself in this peaceful night even if you wont be able to see them all.

Write your intention on the paper. Any positive emotion or wish you want them all to have.

Put the paper in the bottle and grab the candle. Drip the melted wax on the contents inside.

You can keep thinking on this peaceful moment and the positive energy you are creating to charge yourself more.

Extinguish the candle


Here is the Samhain Potion of our Wheel of the Year Collection!

To banish demons inside us, both metaphorical and literal and to have a fun time with the coven and the dead!

You can do this until the 2nd of November don’t worry.