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I made this witch for the witchsona week, then my cellphone died, never finished it, didn’t like the face, but I like it now, so there you go!

It is also kind of a redraw of my old Halloween Witchsona <3

Forgot to upload this here, a full moon calendar for 2020 for the northern hemisphere, I’m making the one for the southern hemisphere too <3

Full moons are perfect for charging your crystals or utensyls, to make moon water and to focus on your special intentions.

The Wolf Moon already lurks in the sky, do you have anything planned for it?


Worshippers of the moon, May you rise soon. Witches of the night, May you sing to the twilight.

✨ INKTOBER 2017 – CIRCUS – Day 12 – Cornélia ✨

Cornélia Wright
23 yo.
Moon Witch 🌙

You can find more about her in my PDF Inktober Artbook available here on Gumroad! → did this pdf so you can discover more about CIRCUS! Thank you for your support!




Summer is coming and here is for you, all witch artist/writer of this world, a Challenge with only witchy stuff to draw or write about! You can do whatever you want with it, whenever you want! It’s just a list of witches I really wanted to design and bring to my story or I really wanted to draw just for fun~ 

You can mix it with some color palette meme found on the web, there is a lot of it around deviantart and Tumblr! It doesn’t have to be done in the order, you can just reblog it and ask to you followers to suggest you some of these! And you can suggest me some of these too! I’ll do it in July or August anyway ;D

This is a character design challenge~ You can do anything, any body type, any skin color, any disability, any religion or any gender you want, it’s totally free, so be creative ♥ That’s the only thing that counts! 

Lots of love *:・゚✧

A new month begins soon! 

*:・゚✧ If you want to try a new challenge, check out my list! Or you can keep it for Inktober which is coming very soooooon~