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🗡️ Jinxes, Hexes, & Curses 🗡️


🗡️  JINXES –  quick-lasting, harmless but mean-spirited.

  • nox – a spell to end a source of light or positivity
  • your heart in my hand –  to send someone nightmares and to feel a general sense of being lost in life
  • burn your wishes – a simple curse to destroy someone’s wishes
  • spell of shattered sight –  a spell that makes a person only see the most ugly aspects of themselves and others around them

🗡️ HEXES – mal-intended spells with temporary effects. 

  • burst your bubble –  a simple curse to destroy someone’s ego/hope
  • hex for a player –  a curse from scorned lovers to the one breaking hearts, to give them difficulty finding anyone to be with romantically/sexually

  • cerberus hex – attacks what hurts things under plutonic protection spell
  • breezeblocks curse –  to affect someone you resent for leaving
  • pumpkin head – seasonal hex to “burn” those who wrong you
  • bad moon rising – a revenge curse, general misfortune for a month


– intense, powerful and long lasting.  

if you take issue with cursing, jinxing, or hexing, that is your craft, but please do not add onto this post telling witches not to curse because “karma”, “the three fold law” or whatever.  mind your own craft. 





wolfofantimonyoccultism: Sigil surroundings ar…


Sigil surroundings are exactly what they sound like. They are shapes, designs, and/or glyphs you put around your sigil in order to enhance its magickal purpose. This part of sigil magick is usually never talked about, and it is very hard to find online, or in any other sources. Some of this information will be based off of kuji kiri, and majutsu which are two japanese mysticisms, but most of it will be base on chaos magick, and other western magicks, but I digress.


The circle is a powerful symbol used in all different types of magick. It embodies the energies of protection, unity, cycles and focus. In sigil magick the most talked about, and used sigil surrounding is the circle. The magickal purpose of drawing a circle around your sigil is to allow its energy to build up around itself, and to protect the sigil from being tampered with. Some practitioners are so into using circles around their sigils, that they actually draw two of them to ensure there will be no leaks of the sigil’s energy. Some of these practitioners will also fill the inter space between these two circles with other sigils, magickal symbols, and/or a magickal alphabet of some kind to enhance the energy of the sigil within.


The triangle represents the trinities, and embodies the energies of ascension, manifestation, and duality. Sigils surrounded by a right side up triangle will be much more expansive, and active, and sigils surrounded by a right side down triangle will lower the spiritual energy to a more tangible plane level, and make the sigil a lot more passive. Triangles are also used in the act of manifesting spirits, and other entities. Being used in order to trap them, and to keep them away from you during the summoning, and manifestation. These type of triangles are usually a “Triangle Of Art”. The triangle part is use to magnify the strength of the spirit, while usually names of gods, or other sigils a place along the outside sides of the triangle to trap the spirit in. I believe the reason that a “Triangle Of Art” is not some other shape is, because the triangle is the first shape with space in the middle. Meaning it’s the first shape to hold space from a side perspective, and only three sides to barricade in order for the spirit to not be able to sneak out.

Square, And Rectangle:

Square embodies the energies of structure, balance, and community. Although I use the word square most of all this can be used in a rectangle. Sigils surrounded with a square allows the sigil to be housed, and reserve its energy. It is for sigils that are used in more of a balanced state where its energy will be used more like a battery, and called upon. The square also allows the energy of the sigil to steep, and if there are more sigils, and/or magickal symbols in the square, their energies will combined together making a new, and unique energy.

Pentagram, And Pentacle:

The pentagram, and pentacle embodies the energies of the elements, power, and protection. Certain practitioners would place their sigil in the very center of the pentagram, or the pentacle to allow them to be stronger, and to take on the energies of the elements. Using the pentacle would also mean you would gain the magickal benefits of the circle also pretty much supercharging your sigil. Also the spots on the arms, legs , and head of the star could be used as a prime spot to place more sigils in order to enhance your original base sigil.



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“Spiritual Magical Hands” Tote Bag //



Lovers do not compete, but they complete ✨||

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