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Virgo Witch◞*✰

Our next witch is here!

The ones born between the August 23 and the September 22 are under the sign of Virgo. Virgos belong to the Earth element of the zodiac and just as their element, they are strong and reliable. They love their freedom and work hard to get their goals. In the witchy aspect, they may want everything to work how they want so divination practices may be a bit frustrating for them.  Always wanting more knowledge , Virgos will spend hours reading and practicing  spells. Even tho they usually get related to organization, this only applies in the things they like.  You can always count on your virgo witchy friend to be there for you! ◞*✰

Any Virgos here?


Witchy room commission


Character Design for my Gobelins pre production project. Leo is a peculiar kid who has been living on his own for a long time and wants to learn magic more than anything. 


“Etoile” – Our 48 hour animation jam, made by Gobelins students ♡

Léa Pietrzyk, Karien Benz, Vajra Pancharia, Debbie Balboa

I loved so much working on this animation we did with so much love in 48 hours. I will post the concept art soon.


Twitch stream commission


An old spirit session. A séance or seance (/ˈseɪ.ɑːns/) is an attempt to communicate with spirits. The word came to be used specifically for a meeting of people who are gathered to receive messages from ghosts 


We are a group of little artists who are passionate about the witchy world and love sharing our creations with all of you! We love to make our magical experiences in an artistic way and with your support we can continue to publish weekly content here and in different sites too.

In addition to supporting our Patreon you will have access to extra content exclusive to patrons like: Mini tutorials, Answers to any asks, Exclusive illustration or even personalized witchsona of yourself! and if we get enough support, we will be able to create an animated Youtube channel with the characters, where you’ll get to follow our magical journey! 


September Moon Cycle

Rember its super important to visualize the moon phases of the coming months to plan your spells, potion making, or any witchy activity you wanna do.

A little meet up after work *✰

Any plans for tonight’s new moon?


Room commission. What a cozy place to play Breath of the Wild <3