A Chant for Protecting Yourself and Taking you…


To all those who need recovery after a psychic/karmic attack, feel as though you are powerless and you need that little extra magical push, or merely for those who have had a not-so-good day,

this is for you.

Take back what belongs to you, little witch. 

Your voice can mend. 

“Calling upon the powers from

North, South, East, and West,

The four corners of the Earth, I take my power back.

Forsake all who threaten to do harm upon me,

I signal the universe to protect me,

and sever me from their toxicity.

Grant me the power to rise above where they had thought I had been sent to fall.

I thank the powers of North, South, East, and West,

The gifts of the Earth and the stars above;

powers of earth, water, fire, and air

with good to all, 

reverse harm that has been done,

by the grace of my own magic,

this spell is done.”

*The following is optional as I am aware that not all witches have access to certain materials. However, making use of the following can accelerate and/or strengthen the intended outcome if you do possess them. You can always replace or add materials as you please; make my spell your spell.


-Sage/Perovskia/Palo Santo


-Onyx, amethyst, smoky quartz (regular quartz may suffice as well)

Candle Color(s):

-Black; for banishing and breaking curses

-White; purification from negative energies

Tarot Cards:

-Nine of Wands


-The Moon