pine trees and witchcraft


as winter months (and yule festivities) approach, pine becomes an excellent component of green witchcraft. evergreen trees, of course, symbolize immortality and perseverance. they are a great addition to any spell involving resilience or overcoming obstacles.

hanging a pine branch above your door will invite good energies, be it spirits or friends, into your space. placing pine above your bed will ward off illness.

throw pine into the fireplace (or bonfire) to summon protective energy.

pinecones work as a health and fertility charm.

pine is also an excellent smoke cleanser for purifying and warming a space’s energy.

pine trees in general are associated with divine harmony, peace, releasing guilt, and clarity. for this reason, meditation under a pine tree (or with a pine sprig in your hand) can be very healing and beneficial spiritually.

whether you have a pine tree in your home this season, you take a walk among some evergreens, or even just light a pine-scented candle in your bedroom, its wintery magick is wonderful.