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To thank you for your support, I decided I would open some kind of fun participative contest!
I want you to be part of my project and have the opportunity to become one of Judith’s best friends, or to be a relative of Alistair or that super powerful witch that only Gaia knows about etc.!! 

How to participate: 

 Send an email to including:

• A witchy picture of you

• A name (not mendatory/can be fiction)

• A power/practice (not mendatory)

You have until September the 18th to participate!

Everyone is welcome to participate! ♥ It’s open to every witch out there! 

I hope you’ll have fun with this!

Lots of love to you all, thank you for your endless support ♥ ♥

Do not hesitate to share your pictures online and use the hashtag #modernwitchesdaily70k so people can see the different contestants! All the pictures looks great so far! Thank you so much for your participation <3

Last few days to participate ~