Hey can you talk about your inspiration for th…

Hey can you talk about your inspiration for the sigils? I think they look fantastic but I don’t know if you got them from somewhere or what influences you drew from if you made them yourself. Thank you!

Hi! Yes sure!
So I created them all from scratch. I don’t use one of the different methods established to create Sigils, I design them entirely. I decided of some kind of a base for them (the round shape + the moon in the center). When I start a Sigil I try to really feel the intent/emotion I want to put in it and I think about what this emotion inspires me. Sometimes it’s from memories or things that personally have effect on me (songs, series etc.) and I just try to put a shape on all these thoughts! I also adapt the moon to the phases and their meaning so it can be more powerful in the meaning! 

For exemple, the recent Motivation Sigils is based on a song from Shingeki no Kyojin OST named “Barricades” which is like, the best motivational song ever! (to me) So I tried to put a bit of it in the design, with shapes like walls/barricades in the circle and it also looks like so kind of push button to me. Which means when I push it the Motivation comes in! That’s how I see it! 
The Courage Sigil was also inspired by SNK o/

My inspirations for these Sigils are graphic design, old Sigils in general, memories etc. Also some people said some of them look like they are Gallifreyan, even if it was not intended, I’m a great fan of Doctor Who and I might have been influenced! 

And that’s it :3 I hope it can answer your question! 

Lots of positive vibes to you! 

Blessed be ♥