hi! I was wondering how you create your sigils…

hi! I was wondering how you create your sigils and the story behind them, also I love the inner peace sigil so much and I was wondering how you would feel about one getting it tattooed? I toatally don’t wanna overstep so just thought I’d ask! much love

Hi! Thank you so much for your words <3 
I create my Sigils without using any method in particular just my feelings and what the emotion/intent I want to put in it inspire me! Except from the Protection one ~ I created this one ten years ago for an OC tattoo design and I used it many many times as a protection talisman so I decided to redesign it as a Protection Sigil! 
For the tattoo, please do! And don’t hesitate to send me a picture when it’s done! ^.^)/  
Lots of love to you ♥