Hi! I just found your blog and I must say, I l…

Hi! I just found your blog and I must say, I love it! I fell in love with your sigils, but I need to ask, how do I use them? Do I print them, draw them myself, make one with materials I might have at home? And can I create one myself with some personal meaning, or they're just universal? Again, wonderful blog you have, love🔮💜

Hi! Thank you so much! It means a lot! ♥ 
Regarding my sigils, you can use them in any personal rituals you want by either drawing them or print them! I’m also in the process of making pins and others merchs with them. I ran a kickstarter campaign a moment ago! Also some people asked if they can tattoos them :3
Regarding the way I do them, I just created my own, it’s not really following any method. Just feelings ^^ But you can find a lot of technic in the “sigils” tag of Tumblr!! 
Thank you so much for your interest, lots of love and positive vibes to you! 🔮♥