Modern Witches Daily Merchs & Pocket Sigil…

Modern Witches Daily Merchs & Pocket Sigils!

Hi everyone! Now the Kickstarter campaign is over I can show you a few merchs tests I’ve done for both “Pocket Sigils” and the blog! 

First I wanted to try the quality of the manufacturer for the Sigils pins and I did my blog logo as a test and they came out amazing!!! I’m so happy about them and I can’t wait to see how the sigils pins will turn out!

Also, to do more “Pocket Sigils” merchs, I tried wooden charms! It really fits the intents I had, a pocket sized charm you can have on a pencil-case or a phone! (I tried some of them, they are very resistant!!)

For the last charms, it’s a little Abby head! I only made a sample for them and I’m wondering if you guys would be interested in these little charms so I can order more? Abby is a character from my project and the character from my short film Witch’s Brew”.

Tell my what you think about all this! 

They will all be available at my first con this summer (in France) and online after that! Stay tuned! ♥ 

Lots of witchy love to you all ♥